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This is the first article in our new series, "Passion, Purpose & Accountability". Today, we are going to focus on why finding your passion is so much more important than money.

While gaining wealth may seem like the most crucial challenge you can take on, that is very rarely the case. When you spend your time chasing money, you will never learn to explore what you love and enjoy most in life. But, when you figure out what it is you really love, you can experience happiness while also supporting yourself.


"Have you found yourself bored at work or in your business even though you are making more than enough money?"

If so, this is a sure sign that you have NOT found your passion.

Finding ways to capitalize on your unique talents and gifts while simultaneously doing work that ignites your soul and makes you feel passionate is crucial in life. When you find your passion and chase it instead of wealth, you will enjoy innumerable benefits that can’t be measured by the size of your bank account. Here are just a few:

You Will Be Happier

When you are doing something you really love, you will feel great about yourself. You will have less stress doing work that you enjoy, and you will feel better about the future when you are engaged in work that is meaningful for you. Doing work that energizes your spirit encourages you to put your whole heart into your work, which leaves you feeling positive and excited at the end of the day.

You Will Enjoy the Fruit of Your Labor

What good is a stockpile of money when you have no love of life or zest for enjoyment that allows you actually use it? When you are passionate about your work, you become passionate about enjoying all aspects of your life, including those things outside of your job that helps to fulfill you.

You Will Be More Motivated

When you love what you do, you are less likely to give up when things get hard, and you work harder to complete your job. It is so much easier to get up and moving each morning when you are excited to do the work, and that energy will sustain you when you are struggling or experience setbacks.

You Are More Likely to Experience Success

Passion helps you make a difference because you are doing something that you find valuable. Those who are the most successful will happily tell others how much they love what they do. Passion is the fuel that will keep you on the path toward realizing your goals and achieving your dreams.

Your Life will be Well Lived

When you follow your passion in life, you make the most of every minute you must spend on this earth. Time keeps marching, whether you are doing work you love or work you hate. When you focus on your passions, you will feel satisfied that your energy and efforts are going to the right things and that your life is as well-lived as it possibly can be.

You Enjoy the Extra Effort

Occasionally, you will need to put in extra effort to carry out an important task. When you love what you do, this extra effort is not resented or cause for dismay. Instead, you relish that your hard work is paying off and helping you achieve your dreams.

You Will Become a Better Person

When you focus on your passions, you want to learn and grow to make your dreams come true. You will be able to find new ways of solving problems and come up with better ideas when you are completely invested in realizing your goals. You see time and other people as valuable resources when you are excited to do the work that you love.

Final Thoughts

Finding your passion is a crucial goal for anyone’s life. When you are passionate about your work, you will find many other benefits besides loving your job. And when your life is full of these advantages, you will realize that being rich is not just about what is in your bank account; it is also about what is in your heart.

Today's Affirmation

"I am filled with energy as I take action on my plan."

This article is part 1 of our Passion, Purpose & Accountability series. Stay tuned for our part 2 next week.

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Finding your passion starts with getting to know yourself.  Today, we are so busy getting to know and understand other people that we stop getting to know ourselves. Self examination is a task that takes a lifetime since we are always changing and evolving. Never stop discovering your true self.

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