Greetings, Gorgeous!

Every March we tend to think of all the great women in history that have accomplished great things like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Sandra Day O’Connor, Amelia Earhart.

I love paying homage to these wonderful women but this year I am sending a celebration to every mother, grandmother, sister, aunt. To every young woman just entering the workforce, to every woman in the middle of her career or even coming up on the end of her career.

To every woman that is launching her dream business, trying to figure out how to grow her business or one that is expanding her business. To every woman that is in her core a caregiver, caring for everyone even at the expense of caring for herself, I celebrate YOU! You are a great woman of history.

Through every child you feed, every kind word you speak to a stranger, co-worker or family member, you are making your own history every day.

image collage of women

A great woman of history is one that has transcended the bounds that held her back. Whether it was being poor, a woman, person of color or being big-boned (another phrase for over-weight), they made a difference right where they were and so are you.

I honor you this month and every month.

In order to help you be as kind to yourself as you are to others, here are three of my best tips to care for your whole self:

  1. Care for your mind - do yoga, walk or meditate
  2. Care for your body - be careful what you put in and on your body and sleep well
  3. Care for your spirit - enjoy family and friends, nature and prayer time

Thank you for being a Phenomenal Woman every day!